Monday, December 5, 2011

Take Care of Your Body

Cleanliness is part of Iman.
Kebersihan itu separuh daripada Iman.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
Alhamdulillah kita masih diberi peluang meraih cinta Allah, empunya oksigen yang kita hirup dan empunya jasad yang kita pinjam. Dengan izin-Nya juga entry ini dapat disiapkan :)

Today's entry, saya nak promote barang2 penjagaan dan pembersihan badan. Million of thanks to my previous customer . Do support me!
Dengan rendah hati memperkenalkan .....

Body Scrub

Salt body scrub with natural herbal and fruit extract that will revitalise and rejuvinate your skin leaving it looking and feeling fantastic! ( experienced by customer..serius..hee)


Tumeric and Ginger

Mixtures of honey and natural sources such


Aroma of Flower




Price : RM 13.00 (500g botol tinggi)
RM 15.00 (700 ml bekas pendek/rendah)

Macam - macam ada

Lightening Soap with Exfoliating Bag

with fruit extract plus honey that give you clean, fresh and relaxation. Honestly, produk ni antara best buy based on my experienced before. Smell very fresh and wangiii~

Various from different extract of fruits such as







Price : RM 5.00 only
Lai lai ~

Facial Scrub

There are two types, facial scrub with apricot extracts, and another one is coffee extract plus pearl ( sorry tak ada gambar)

Price : RM 18.00 (200 ml)

Fruit & Milk Water Lightening Shower

Blended with fruit and milk extract that moisten your body.

Price : RM 20.00 (300 g)

Thank you very much for spending your precious time to read this entry :)
Kindly ask me is there any qustion regarding the above products.
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